Orange LHC

The Project

This projects builds on the research strengths and existing interdisciplinary collaborations within Eidyn and the School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences, and relevant academic partners across Edinburgh’s College of Science and Engineering. The overarching aim is to foster the exploration of central philosophical issues (be they of contemporary or historical interest) in the natural…

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Orange Geometry


Project Leader:  Prof. Michela Massimi Project Research Assistant: Dr. James Collin Local Project Team:  Dr. Wahid Bhimji (Edinburgh Particle Physics Group/ATLAS/CERN) Dr. Paolo Beltrame (Particle Physics Group / Dark Matter Search) Dr. Jane Calvert (Sociology of Science, STIS) Prof. Andy Clark (Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences, PPLS) Dr. Mark Harris (Science & Religion, Divinity) Prof. Alistair…

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Orange Ptolemy


Interdisciplinary Workshop on ‘Models, Simulations and Data at the LHC’ Professor Jon Butterworth: What is measured, what is public, and what lasts? Dr. Koray Karaca: Exploratory data search in the ATLAS experiment at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider   Professor Michael Krämer: The art of simplified models   Professor Margaret Morrison: Big data, really big data, and the LHC…

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Orange Edinburgh

Faculty and Student Exchange

Faculty Exchange Prof. Janet Kourany (Notre Dame) will be visiting IASH, Edinburgh (9-13 March). Prof. Edouard Machery (Pittsburgh) will be visiting IASH, Edinburgh (23-27 March). Dr. Mark Sprevak (Edinburgh) will be visiting Pittsburgh (May).   PhD Student Exchange Andrea Polonioli (3rd Year Philosophy, UoE) visited Pittsburgh (January-February), working with Jim Woodward. Anna Nadal Ortin (2nd…

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