Blue Brain

Perspectives on Nativism

21-22 May 2015 Interdisciplinary Conference on ‘Perspectives on Nativism’ (organisers: Suilin Lavelle and Kenny Smith, PPLS) Speakers: Balthasar Bickel (Linguistics, Zurich Center for Linguistics) Gillian Brown (Psychology & Neuroscience, St Andrews) Annie Gagliardi (Informatics, UoE) Roger Levy (Linguistics, UCSD) Tim Lewens (TBC) (HPS, Cambridge) Caroline Rowland (Psychology, Liverpool) Attendance is free, but please register at the Perspectives on…

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Blue LHC

Models, simulations and data at LHC

12 May 2015 Interdisciplinary Workshop on ‘Models, simulations and data at LHC’  (organiser: Michela Massimi) Join the conversation on this workshop at The Guardian. Room 3.10-3.11, Dugald Stewart Building Schedule: 9.30 Welcome and registration 10:00-11:15 Jon Butterworth (Physics, UCL): What is measured, what is public and what lasts?  (abstract available here) Commentator: Victoria Martin (HEP, University of…

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Blue Brain

DeFreuding Implicit Attitudes

23 March 2015 Prof. Edouard Machery (HPS, Pittsburgh): DeFreuding Implicit  Attitudes 16:30-18:00 Room G32, Psychology Building, 7 George Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9JZ Abstract Psychologists and philosophers treat implicit attitudes such as implicit racism as automatic and unconscious mental states. In this talk, I present a competing view about the nature of these psychological constructs, and I show that…

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Blue Network

Q&A with Edouard Machery about his forthcoming book on X-Phi

23 March 2015 Prof. Edouard Machery (HPS, Pittsburgh): Q&A on his forthcoming book Metaphilosophy 10:00-12:00 Room 7.01, Dugald Stewart Building, 3 Charles Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AD Professor Edouard Machery is having a Q&A on his forthcoming book, Metaphilosophy. The book is on the role of intuitions and thought experiments in philosophy in light of current work in cognitive science. Edouard has…

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Blue Geometry

Ignorance and Under-representation

10 March 2015 IASH Interdisciplinary Workshop on ‘Ignorance and Under-representation’ (organisers: Michela Massimi, Jie Gao and Natalie Ashton for EWIPG). Includes: Janet Kourany (Philosophy, Notre Dame): Masterclass on agnatology (or the construction of ignorance).  Abstract available here.  Video available here. Alessandra Tanesini (Philosophy, Cardiff): Must we be either ignorant or biased? A solution to Gendler’s dilemma.  Abstract available here. …

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