Interdisciplinary Workshop on ‘Models, Simulations and Data at the LHC’

Professor Jon Butterworth: What is measured, what is public, and what lasts?
Dr. Koray Karaca: Exploratory data search in the ATLAS experiment at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider


Professor Michael Krämer: The art of simplified models


Professor Margaret Morrison: Big data, really big data, and the LHC

 De-Freuding Implicit Attitudes

Professor Edouard Machery: De-Freuding Implicit Attitudes

IASH Interdisciplinary Workshop on ‘Ignorance and Under-representation’ 

Prof Janet Kourany – Should Some Knowledge Be Forbidden: The Case of Cognitive Differences Research

Prof Janet Kourany – Agnotology

Dr Pablo Schyfter – Underrepresentation, ignorance, and social membership

Prof Alessandra Tanesini – Must we be either ignorant or biased: A solution to Gendler’s dilemma